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XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers expects Bud Black to be with the Padres in 2009

XX Sports Radio:  Kevin Towers Interview (MP3)

  • Taking a walk with his wife down by the bay to help forget about the season
  • Towers expects Buddy Black to be back
  • The decision has been made
  • There may be one coaching change made
  • The meetings were self evaluations and to look at the direction the club was going.
  • Towers hopes that the 2009 season will be much like the three seasons prior to 2008.
  • Towers thinks everyone should be held accountable.
  • Towers has always taken great pride in a great bullpen and bench.  He had a lot of confidence in Meredith and Thatcher but they both had hard times.  The Padres didn't have good experience on the bench.  Buddy didn't have a lot to go to.
  • Towers has seen good things from young players.  The three that stand out are Venable, Hundley and Headley.  They need to bring some veteran guys in too, to surround the young kids to show them how it's done. 
  • Khalil had a tremendous year in 2007 and this year he really fell off.  He'd like to get him back healthy.  Khalil was a big part and missed 30 home runs and 100 RBI's from the short stop position.
  • The Padres are leaning towards bringing back Giles.  
  • Stronger rotation, stronger bullpen and stronger bench are the priorities.
  • Towers likes the Cubs over the Dodgers. 
  • Cubs and Philidelphia in the NL.
  • Angels over the Red Sox.
  • Angels / Cubs World Series. 
  • Angels win the World Series.