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The Padres are not going to lose 100 games

The only good that could have come from 100 losses was if someone was going to try to put a positive spin on this season.  "Well the season was actually good for both the Padres and their fans,  we got a chance to really see young players develo-"


See how that works?

Towers often has said “no team should lose 100 games,”

People will forget 98 losses and 99 losses.  A bad season of memories will fade with time.  People will move on, but once a team hits triple digits you've got something special.  Something that will always catch your eye when you look at the Padres records from years past.  One hundred losses means the team was in a world of suck. Think of all the teams and all the seasons since 1900.  Only 140 have lost 100 or more games.  It was 138 until the Mariners and Nationals joined the club this season.

I want people to remember this season.  Remember it, so that it will never happen again.  I want the decision makers to fear a season like this and always be on guard to never let the Padres suck this bad again.

Remember the suck.

Kouzmanoff said this tonight, he's already forgotten:

“Honestly, I think we're close,” he said. “We're not that far away, at all.”