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GameThread, 9/26: The Pirates of Pittsburgh vs the Padres of San Diego

We're headed out to the game tonight and it'll probably be the last game we see live in the year 2008. It wasn't a good year this here 40th season of the Padres, but maybe next year will be better as we move into the season's fifth decade.

Still, I'll miss this season. The season reminds me a little of a Rubik's Cube, frustrating, but not without color and interesting angles and turns. Also, when watching Padres baseball or playing with a Rubik's Cube, people look at you and think, That seems like it would be fun if you like being really irritated and made a fool of.

At least it gave us something to do with our hands besides touching ourselves inappropriately, unless you're like that guy who could solve Rubik's Cubes with his feet. In which case...



Pittsburgh Pirates @ San Diego Padres

09/26/08 7:05 PM PDT

Pittsburgh Pirates San Diego Padres
Nate McLouth - CF Will Venable - CF
Freddy Sanchez - 2B Luis Rodriguez - SS
Ryan Doumit - C Brian Giles - RF
Adam LaRoche - 1B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Jason Michaels - LF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Steve Pearce - RF Chase Headley - LF
Andy LaRoche - 3B Nick Hundley - C
Luis Cruz - SS Matt Antonelli - 2B
Ian Snell - P Josh Geer - P