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'Ban Monday' comes to Gaslamp Ball

As you know the Padres will be making all of their personnel decisions on Monday.  They'll be firing coaches, beating employees and burying players in the Park in the Park.  No one is safe!

We decided that to better understand the transitions that the Padres are going through that we would also make changes here at Gaslamp Ball.  Ban Monday is coming! 



Ban Monday is something that was started at Kotaku.  We will borrow their Ban Hammer and use it with reckless abandon.  Swinging it wildly above our heads and smiting those in our path.

Here's how it works.  You email us (do not use the comment section) the user that you want to get the boot with a very brief reason.  If we agree with your reasoning than swift judgment will be placed upon them.  Include your username in the email because those that we like will get preference. We will not tell you who we have banned, they will just mysteriously disappear into the ether.  As they say on Kotaku, gloating leads to Ban Hammer Backlash.

It's time to trim the fat and on Tuesday Gaslamp Ball will be a lean, mean, blogging machine!