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DePodesta comments on the Wally Joyner resignation

I'm a big fan of DePodesta, what's not to like? This is exactly the kind of thing that DePo should be using his blog for.  I'm slightly bewildered that he waits for commentors to ask him to comment on Padres news and hot topics of discussion. 

Readers have asked that I comment about the resignation of our hitting instructor, and this is my way of doing so. If Wally really didn't believe in our philosophy, then he absolutely did the right thing for everyone involved. I'm sure it was not fun for him to swim against the tide, and he realized that it wasn't good for the organization either. Again, this is not offering any judgment on who is right or wrong - that's immaterial, and there really isn't a right or wrong philosophy.

He always writes very thoughtful and intelligent posts from a unique perspective and I just wish that he'd do it more often.  Personally I'm not terribly interested in all of the minor league and scouting talk, but I'm sure some people find it very informative and obviously it is what he thinks about in his daily work.  I'd love to hear him talk more about the Major League Padres.