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"What part about Monday don't you understand?"

PADRES: Others might follow Joyner out the door

"I will say we'll address the rest of the staff ---- manager, coaches, instructors, scouts ---- even myself ---- at the end of season," Towers said. "We still have some important games to be played.

No, we really don't.  The important games are far, far in the past.  We can't even be a spoiler anymore.  The Dodgers clinched a tie against us tonight.  No important games left, not one.  I agree they should get all the firing done after the end of the season, just because they need someone to fill the spot for the next few games.  Let's not fool ourselves about the important games.

This NC Times article suggests that others might follow Joyner out the door, yet they go through every coach and give you a reason why they aren't going anywhere.  So it's just Joyner.

From what I understand or misunderstand,all personnel decisions  will be made Monday