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Wally Joyner resigns as hitting coach but will finish the season

NC Times: Joyner resigns as hitting coach

Giles and Towers were both reached for comment at the Charges game:

"He's been doing as good of a job as you can with what he has been dealt," Giles said. "We have a lot of young hitters, and it's tough for the young hitters to learn at this level. And it's a shame because he was a good guy and he was working with them and they were continuing to get better.

Giles never wants to blame any of the coaches, because of the players they were dealt.  He doesn't ever place the blame on the players either because of their inexperience.  I guess he believes the blame lies with Towers and Alderson.

"I guess they are trying to make him the scapegoat. The veteran guys understand that, but it's unbelievable. We've been hitting well since the All-Star break and you can't blame all of this on the offense. It's been pitching, defense ---- it's a team effort to be this bad. ... It's just a shame for this organization to let a good guy like that leave."

The Padres have burned through some highly respected batting coaches in the last few years. Honestly, with all the problems the Padres have and with Khalil and Edmonds gone, the offense doesn't seem as bad as it was in the past

"I came to the job hoping to put my experience and ideas to good use in teaching and coaching the Padres' hitters, but it has become obvious to me in the past few months that the organization's approach is different from mine."

I'm wondering how the organizations approach contradicts what Wally is trying to teach. Either all three of these coaches are terrible, the players are terrible or the organization's approach makes the players uncoachable.