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XX Sports Radio: Jerry Coleman

XX Sports Radio: Jerry Coleman Interview (MP3)

  • Jerry wasn't invited to the last game at Yankee Stadium. He's okay with that because he hates crowds.
  • Jerry says he only played three years really, because of War Service and injuries
  • The last out of the 1949 season is his favorite memory at Yankee Stadium.  He was so excited because he needed the World Series bonus.
  • Jerry wasn't a hero worshiper, he just wanted to do well and make a name for himself.
  • Back in the day winning was everything.  Second place meant you lost.
  • Yankee Pride means you are different and you feel like you are never going to lose.
  • Bob Shepard  is such a classic PA announcer. Most try to embellish their own standing by acting like nerds.  Frank Anthony here in Petco is one of the best in the business.  The Yankees got an announcer that sounds exactly like Shepard.
  • Coleman jokingly says he taught DiMaggio every thing he knows.
  • Mickey never knew who he was and DiMaggio always knew who he was, that was the difference.
  • Coleman always liked Gehrig.
  • Coleman gave all his rings and memorabilia away to family and such.  The only thing he kept was a cigarette case that is signed by the 1950 Yankees team on the inside.
  • Coleman isn't sad because his stadium is already gone, because they made changes to the field back in the 1970's.  The ballpark is dramatically different already from when he played.
  • Playing for the Yankees is the greatest thing that can happen to an athlete.
  • Coleman talks to Berra all the time.  They are good buddies and have known each other since 1946. 
  • Mikey Mantle was a very kind person.  He was very generous.  He was a follower not a leader, but he was absolutely a delightful person.  He was the only players that had both supreme power and supreme speed.