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Adrian Gonzalez looking to join elite 20% RBI club

As of yesterday, Adrian has 116 RBI and the team total is 597 or 19.4%. He's super duper close to the 20% club. He probably won't break the record, but seriously... 17 members of the perfect game club. 14 members of the unassisted triple plays club.

Only 10 members of the 20% club and 8 if you don't count the strike shortened seasons.

What's it going to take to get to 20%? We have 6 games left. The Padres have actually been really good at scoring runs recently averaging 4.8 runs over the last 10 games. If we maintain that pace we'll score 29 runs and Adrian would need to pick up 9 RBIs. It's doable with a few big days. The most he's done this season over 6 games is 12 RBIs. 

Another way to look at it... Adrian needs at least 5 RBI over the last 6 games. For each RBI past 5 that he can get, that buys him about 3-5 RBIs worth of breathing room that he doesn't need to account for.

Strasburg is all but gone, but the 20% feat is something we can really get behind.


[Note by Dex, 09/22/08 7:35 PM EDT ] sdsuaztec4 points out that Adrian's actually quite a bit off. Dumb season. Can't do anything right.