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Padres can't keep pace with Mariners and Nationals

Padres fall behind in Strasburg Sweepstakes

When the Nationals learned that Peavy wasn't starting on Friday...

"You've got to be kidding me," cracked a Nationals executive, who joked that the Padres were rolling over to get Strasburg.

Speaking of rolling over, the Mariners have lost 11 straight games.  They are good at this losing thing, too good.  I want an investigation!

This article also mentions that the Mariners will be the first $100 million payroll team with 100 losses.  Lucky.

Meanwhile the Nationals have lost 5 straight games, the last three courtesy of the Pads.

Kouzmanoff remains blissfully ignorant of the Padres terrible record:

"I didn't even know we were tied with them," said Kouzmanoff, who, in the series, hit three of the Padres' eight doubles and two of their five home runs. "I didn't even know where we stand. Whether we're facing this team or the Dodgers or Diamondbacks, we're still coming in to win and play hard – whether it's a first-place team or a last-place team."

This is what happens when players try to make PC comments.  They end up sounding dumb.  Okay, we get it, you go out and play every game like it was your last, etc.  I think it's worse that you have no idea where your team stands.  Unfortunately all of the fans know all too well about our standings.  Here's a cheat sheet for you Kouz:

1. Seattle 57-98 .368
2. Washington 58-98 .372
3. San Diego 61-95 .391