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Giles and Padres refuse to lose... 100 games

Giles just keeps on grinding, a lesson he learned early in life

The UT tells us the story of a young, presumably well tanned, 191 pound beef cake, Brian Giles coming to the rescue of his Granite Hills High School wrestling team. The team needed a wrestler of his weight to step in for one match against Vahalla High School. His only duty was to keep from being pinned. He could lose, but he could not be pinned.

Though Giles naively figured he would fare well because he “was coming off football season and was really yoked from lifting weights,” he soon found himself tied in knots by his less-chiseled opponent.

His Dad, who he credits with his never say die attitude, taught him this important lesson that day.

“'You're not going to get pinned, you softy. You may get beat, but you're not going to get pinned,'” Giles recalled, omitting a few of his father's saltier words. “I can still see him.”

Just a few days ago I thought the Padres were going to easily lose one hundred games. They had to win 5 out of 10 games and honestly that seemed impossible. Suddenly the Padres are on a two game win streak with one more game against the Nationals and they would have to lose 5 of the last 7 games to reach the dreaded 100 loss mark. It's seems very unlikely that the Padres would lose that many games.

The Padres just need to win 3 of the following games and the one hundred loss season is... lost:

  • 1 vs. the Nationals
  • 3 vs. the Dodgers
  • 3 vs. the Pirates

The Padres are okay with being beat, but they will not be pinned!