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Padres rookies photographed dressed as Hooters girls in bizarre hazing ritual


(AP Photo/The Denver Post, John Leyba)

NC Times:

Sixteen Padres rookies and first-year personnel wore Hooters Girls outfits on the team's flight from Denver to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday night. RHP Trevor Hoffman was scouring the media guide to find players with less than one year of service time ---- the requirement for not wearing the get-up. This was the second time OF Chase Headley and OF Drew Macias had to participate in the rookie flight

One year of service? That's got to be the majority of the team. With the rookies outnumbering the veterans, they should turn the tables and haze them.

Giles must be so upset that none of these guys are tanning. These kids now a days just don't seem to learn from veterans leading by example.

Can you help me put names to these glorious bodies? That's Nick Hundley Luke Carlin up front and from there I'm lost in a sea of tan lines and bulges. Makes me hungry for some wings.

[Note by jbox, 09/18/08 9:48 PM PDT ]

Fox Colorado via Gaslamp Baller Mrs. Huber


Denver Post via Gaslamp Baller C8lin and Sports by Brooks


Here's more pictures of rookie hazing from past years