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Mighty XX: Sandy Alderson Interview

Sandy Alderson Interview (MP3)

  • Rays are 19-1 when 30,000 attend a game in Tampa.  Sandy thinks they play well at home regardless of the attendance, but if they keep playing that way they'll fill the stands.
  • Expanding baseball into Florida hasn't worked out that well with regards to their attendance.  Many teams are leaving Florida in Spring Training because a malaise of Floridians towards baseball.
  • There just aren't many good markets available for any professional sport.  Las Vegas could be discussed.
  • MLB expanding to Japan causes logistical problems because of travel.  One team in Canada (Expos) didn't make it, possibly due to the exchange rate.  Mexico has it's own issues with respect to baseball and other things.  Japanese teams would need to use a super sonic jet.
  • Heath Bell was unhappy about not getting a 3 year contract.  Heath is a 3+ player and he'll be with the Padres for another three seasons at least.  Working out a longer contract for Heath isn't a big priority for the Padres.  No offense to Heath.
  • Josh Geer should be given serious consideration for a starting role next season.  Josh has great movement on his fastball and a good change.  Wade LeBlanc is a similar pitcher and both LeBlanc and Geer are serious candidates because of their toughness.  The Padres have been impressed.
  • Manager and coaches decisions will be made at the end of the season.  It's not just about winning or losing it's about how they play, how they approach it and how the players respond.  They want 162 games in the can before they make that decision.
  • Season Ticket holders will receive correspondence in October.  They will be told that the Padres have strengthened their farm system and that's the only way that the Padres can compete. They will strengthen the scouting, broaden their access to players by international scouting and draft picks.  Plus they will develop talent.  Fans are beginning to see what the Padres are doing with the young talent playing now.
  • Until this year they've been successful at winning at the Major League Level and they've done it while protecting the farm system.  This year is the big exception to the Padres success.
  • Young players need time to develop and next season we will see many of the players that we've seen in the last 2 months.  These players will make us a winning ball club.  Sandy thinks fans are excited about the youth movement. 
  • Sandy can't say with 100% certainty but he believes that John Moores will continue to be the principal owner of the Padres for the forseeable future.  Sandy understands that the public wants to know but it is private and he isn't privy to all that is going on with the Moores family.