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Cavnar writes about her experience interviewing Vin Scully


Jenny Cavnar had The Best Interview... EVER!

The "cherry on top" came when I saw John Weisbarth for the first time after my interview and pridefully told him that I got the opportunity to interview THE Vin Scully. John let me share my excitement and then said, "I knew you interviewed him, because I stopped by his booth to say "hi" and and when I introduced myself as John from Channel 4, I work on the Pre and Postgame shows...Vin said 'Oh, you must work with JENNY!'" Take that John, Vin Scully knows you as the guy that works with me.

Jenny tells Gaslamp Ball about the new Post Game blog:

So far John Weisbarth and I are doing blogs and various others from Ch4 "characters" will chime in or have their own.  I will be blogging about some behind the scenes antics from stories I work on, giving you a more up-close look at local athletes outside their sports.  Also, I am going to be giving daily updates from London on my blog when I travel there for the Chargers/Saints game in Oct.