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The Padres are green in every conceivable way except color

Petco Park installed a recycling vending machine in Field Level Section 103.  Fans place their plastic and/or aluminum bottles into the machine.  Every fifth container deposited receives a reward coupon.  Here's a list of the different types of coupons:

  1. 1 free Friar Frank from any Sportservice concession stand
  2. 1 free regular soda from any Sportservice concession stand
  3. 1 free Padres promotional item from Guest Service Center at Section 108
  4. 10% off Padre Store purchases of $25 or more

They should have another machine next to this one for you to recycle these crappy coupons. 

I'm just kidding!  Jeez Padres... so sensitive about your green programs.


Here's a picture of the beautiful and talented Chrissy Russo explaining the recycling machine to viewers.  She was put to the test as the machine repeatedly didn't work, but she wasn't rattled, she's a professional.

In case you were wondering Petco Park recycles 40% of their trash.