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Awards, bad drivers, blogs and line dancing

  • Congratulations to Pad Squad Kelly for winning the Diamond MVP award for the month of August!  I'm told it had nothing to with my stellar reviews of her Pad Squad performance, but between you and me, I highly doubt that.
  • I was almost run off the road this morning by an SUV with the license plate 44PEAVY and a big Padres sticker on the back window.  I drove up along side the driver's side to see if it was that cocky S.O.B. Jake Peavy.  Sure enough it was him, but he had a long blonde wig on and was dressed like a woman!
  • Johnny "Midnight" Weisbarth made the inaugural post on the Channel 4 Post Game blog a few days ago without anybody noticing.  Oh, but I noticed!  He's talking about the Chargers.
  • Country night at the ballpark tonight.  Get ready to line dance.