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Mighty XX: Sandy Alderson Interview

Mighty XX: Sandy Alderson Interview (MP3)

  • Sandy says this season feels about as long as any he has experienced.  It's really dragged on. Losing, injuries and criticism have made it difficult.
  • Trevor Hoffman's contract should be resolved rather quickly after the end of the season.  The Padres want him back and he wants to come back.
  • Managing and coaching decisions will be made immediately after the season.  He can't comment right now, but people are thinking about it now.
  • Sandy has a bunch of budget numbers
  • The young players show some hope for the future.  He likes that the Padres and the fans are getting a look at the player development pipeline.
  • The number one priority in the off season is to figure out how to get back to 89 to 93 wins.  That's it?  Not going to try for more wins?
  • Brian Giles is the kind of player that the Padres want performing in San Diego.  He plays hard and hurt.  He has the approach at the plate that lead to run production.  On the other hand, young guys are coming up that could take playing time from him.
  • They could spend $20K to move the fences in or $20M to get Manny to hit them out.
  • Balls that are hit to right center at the 401 sign should be rewarded by home runs.
  • He's hoping the Padres finish with 63+ wins
  • Unlikely that the Padres will have a six man rotation for the entire season
  • It's possible they could go after some pitchers that Randy Smith has been scouting in Japan.