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Vote Padres announcers for Ford C. Frick Award

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Vote Here!

Padres have eight candidates for the Ford C. Frick Award.

  • Matt Vasgersian
  • Mark Grant
  • Ted Leitner
  • Andy Masur
  • Eduardo Ortega
  • Juan Avila
  • Bob Chandler
  • Gustavo Lopez Moreno

Bob Chandler will get my first vote. He's been with the Padres since the very beginning and just retired a few years ago. If you read his book you know that he was working in the news department when the news that the Padres were voted into the Major Leagues as an expansion team was announced across the wire. Chandler is the best.

Gaslamp Ball has been campaigning (weakly) for years now to get Ted Leitner in the Hall of Fame just to see his ego explode. How great would that be? He'd park is Hummer on the field, start hanging stars on plays and making pitching changes on his own.

My third vote is going for either Vasgersian or Grant and I'll be flipping a coin to see who gets the vote. Heads is Vasgersian and Grant is tails. Tails... never fails. Grant gets my third vote.