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I met Clay Hensley and he's hot!

I got this email from a Clay Hensley fan:

Hi Boys!

OMG!  I totally met Clay Hensley again!  I attached some pictures but be careful opening them so that you aren't blinded by Hensley's hotness! LOL.  First of all Clay is extremely gorgeous in case you didn't know.  Second, I went to the game when he was pitching and I swear he looks different with a giant wad of chewing tobacco in his cheek, but I can overlook small imperfections.  Even though he and the Padres played terribly I didn't even care!  It doesn't matter if he's a good player, he's pretty! LOL.  I went out to PB after the game and I just knew I was going to see some Padres because my baseball player radar was on.  Sure enough I saw Clay at the Tavern.  I went up to get my picture with him and I still had a foam ball in my hand from the game.  He thought I wanted him to sign it and so he did.  I didn't even want him to sign the foam ball, but don't think I'm not going to keep it anyway! :)  Clay totally likes to make out in bars. Oh and by the way, I read somebody's comment on your blog that said he has man boobs and I have felt his chest and he has rock hard pecs. :)

P.S. - He does not look Asian!