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Giles stays with the Padres, no changes coming... ever

It's for the best that Giles stayed with the Padres. We need at least one player hitting close to .300 and he's that guy, he's a great outfielder and entertaining on and off the field. If Giles left I'm not sure if we'd win a game for the rest of the season.

Sure we might have gotten prospects or saved some money but that's not going to make this season any more fun to watch. Let the Padres get their dumb prospects during the off-season so we can still watch a small amount of talent on the field for the remainder of 2008.

With the trade deadline and then the deadline on this claim, it felt so exciting that something might happen, but in both cases nothing happened. That's how the season has felt.

I get the feeling that some of you really wanted Giles to be traded to the Red Sox, but there is only one way to find out for sure... with a poll!