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Umpire misinterprets hand signal. Busts cap in Bud Black's ass

Taking the recent NFL concerns to a frighteningly dangerous new level, home plate umpire Todd Tichenor misinterpreted Bud Black's hand signals multiple times last night, which first resulted in an ejection, later a threatening phone call and finally a cap in Bud Black's "scrawny ass".

Tichenor thought Black was signaling for "straight up."

Tichenor explained further, "He went into a series of gestures, which, on the street, everybody knows to mean that he claims Latin Kings, which was weird because he was wearing all that blue."

Black held two fingers up while shaking a hand.

Later that night, Bud Black received a phone call, apparently from Tichenor, who allegedly attempted to disguise his voice.

"He said something about being careful who I roll with and about how I shouldn't be so 'gangsta muthaf_cka'," Black said later. "Then he said that throwing up signs I don't know nuthin' bout is how fools round here get sprayed."

"I just wanted a double-switch," Black added from his room at Mercy Hospital. Black is listed in fair condition after receiving a cap in his ass later that night.

"He's lucky he just got a cap in his ass and not a double switch blade upside his throat," Tichenor said. "East coast is the most, bitches!"