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Pad Squad Photo Gallery

Some dudes on Flickr took some really great action photos of the Pad Squad getting the crowd all worked up.  I just have a point and shoot camera and when I take pictures at games everything turns out blurry.  These guys must have killer zoom lenses and a quick shutter speed. 

I want to work on redesigning the Pad Squad uniforms.  I'd like to see them wearing cut off baseball pants instead of the girls booty shorts and the guys baggy shorts.  Perhaps tuck in their shirts, get belts and magnetic necklaces.  I'd also make them wear crocs, blue blocker sunglasses and fanny packs filled with foam balls.

Pad_sqquad_yelling_medium Pad_squad_action_medium Pad_squad_cheering_medium Pad_squad_group_medium Pad_squad_katie2_medium Pad_squad_katie_medium Pad_squad_lindsey_medium

Photo Credit:  SanDiegoShooter and Bestman Productions (3rd photo only)