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XX Sports Radio Interview: Jerry Coleman (MP3)

XX Sports Radio Interview: Jerry Coleman (MP3)

  • Jerry Coleman was the oldest man on the field at the Yankees old timer game.
  • Jerry jokes that they had a wheel chair ready for him to take him out to the field.
  • Jerry said it was emotional seeing some of the old guys and seeing the guys that had passed in the last year.The Yankees took good care of him.
  • Jerry is the same size he was in high school, he jokes it's because he drinks a lot and chases women.
  • Johnny Blanchard got the fattest.
  • Here's a list of everybody that was there. Oh look Dave Winfield was there wearing the Yankee uniform again, he must have been so happy. Jerry Coleman says "Anybody that plays as a Yankee wants to be known as a Yankee".
  • Jerry says "I"m a Padre and I'll always be a Padre".
  • Jerry says Winfield's greatest achievement was coming to the majors straight from college and that's why he sees him as a Padre but can understand why Winfield would want to be a Yankee.
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  • Here's some pics from flickr.

[Note by jbox, 08/06/08 1:54 PM PDT ] Dex was very critcal and thought this belonged in one post rather than two fan shots.  Let's all hope that this makes him happy.