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Padres Players and their knuckles

All baseball players in general are so weird with all their high fives, secret handshakes, chest bumps, ass pats and knuckles. Right before the game started yesterday Channel 4 had a shot of the Padres dugout and pre-game knuckle fest.

Somehow I snipped the very beginning of the clip, but Edgar is stretching his legs and Hairston keeps tapping him on the back, like "hey stop stretching we have to do something really important, stretching can wait".  Then Edgar turns around and is like "What dude?  I was stretching?"  Then Hairston is like "Remember our pre-game knuckle bump?" and Edgar is like "Word!" and then they bump knuckles.

Then at the end of the clip Hairston makes his way over to Wally Joyner and Wally is like "Where you think you're going Hairston?  Did you forget our secret Knuckle Bump Explosion?" Hairston be like "Hell no.  Should we do the Dr. Evil version?" and Wally responds "Hell yes we should!"  Maybe it's Wally's bald globe and it's similarity to Dr. Evil's look.  Who knows what these ball players think now a days?

[Note by jbox, 08/06/08 10:25 AM PDT ] My mistake that's Edgar, not Adrian