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How sick of it are you guys?

Friar Forum is "as fed up as humanly possibly", especially pointing out the fact that apparently the only person on the team who can steal a base is Greg Maddux. Myself, I wouldn't mind sacrificing team speed if it meant we were acquiring players who could crush the ball and get on base all the time. So I guess I'm saying I'm pretty annoyed with how slow this team is also.

Paul DePodesta's so sick of it that he's apparently driving up to Lake Elsinore to watch the players in the organization who can actually perform at a professional level.

Me? I've just settled into the dullness of it all. I don't know how many times I've said, "How did the guy on first not make it to third on the double?" and "Why is Bud Black only playing two outfielders?" and "I didn't realize that you were allowed to pitch underhand in the big leagues."