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Padres Ball Girl is rich

Padres ball girl spends $2.792M for Del Mar 3BD

Not sure how I missed this headline when it was released on July 16th. When I first read it, I was like "How much are the Padres paying these ball girls?!" No wonder she's always wearing diamond encrusted watches and enormous rings.

After you actually read the article you find it wasn't her Padres paycheck that made her rich. It was her divorce from San Diego radio personality Jeff Detrow of morning zoo show Jeff and Jer.

I feel weird calling her a Ball Girl. Ball Woman is probably more appropriate.

Here's a Q&A from last year:

Q: Why are you there?

A: "Good question. We're just not cosmetic. By getting foul balls that might kick back onto the field, we help speed up the game. I guess the biggest thing is to protect the fans."

Obviously they're not cosmetic, but the "biggest thing" is not to protect the fans, it is to get balls that kick back on the field. If the Padres wanted to protect fans they'd put up a net along the base lines. One ball girl on each baseline is not an effective means of protection.

The Padres should encourage turnover and get an influx of new ball girls and model them after the Phillies ball girls.