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Khalil who?

Rodriguez gives Pads walk-off win

Rodriguez drove in both runs in today's Padres win. Everybody said we'd miss Khalil's glove, I haven't missed Khalil at all. Rodriguez has been solid both offensively and defensively. If Khalil was healthy right now I'd still have him riding the pine. Khalil was in a season long slump after a team MVP year and then he broke his own hand in an act of frustration. Watching Rodriguez play has been a breath of fresh air. I know he'll never start before a healthy Khalil but as long as Rodriguez keeps out playing him I'd give him the job.

Headley almost cost us the win today. He made a mental mistake. He was at first when Rodriguez hit a high fly ball to right field. The ball was dropped and Headley was jogging around the bases with two outs. He easily could have scored if he had been running on contact. I'm sure he'll hear about it from the rest of the team and hopefully he learned a valuable lesson.

Hoffman ended up blowing the save and keeping Peavy winless against the Rockies for something like two years. Good thing Rodriguez was around to drive in the winning run in the bottom of the ninth.

Kev, Jon and I were at the game. It was powerful hot with no protection from the sun. We were told that the team lost a few Pad Squadders due to heat exhaustion and that they were recovering in the secret Pad Squad headquarters. I imagined it as a triage facility where Pad Squadders were in various states of undress and being sponged down with cold water. The Squad was short staffed and I was about to roll up my shorts and help them out. I had studied them for so long that I knew I could fill in without missing a beat. Nobody thought that was a good idea.