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The Padres greatest and worst moments in franchise history

The Bleacher Report gives us top ten lists of the Padres greatest and worst moments.

Both posts are okay. Not to get picky but a lot of the entries on the top ten aren't really moments. Like Tony Gwynn isn't a moment. I agree that he is probably the best thing that ever happened to the Padres but I think you would have to choose Tony's finest moment to make it an even comparison.

Also instead of naming the 1996 season as a great moment. I would have named Chris Gwynn's double from the last game of the season as a great moment. The 1998 season and sweep by the Yankees shouldn't be listed as one of the worst moments. Perhaps Mark Langston's strike being called a ball and subsequent home run should have been listed instead.

Personally I favor on the field moments that mean something to the team and the game to those where players receive awards or reach milestones. That's just a personal opinion though.

Take a look at the lists for yourself and see if you agree or disagree.