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Mighty XX: Sandy Alderson Interview

Sandy Alderson Interview on Mighty XX (MP3)

  • Peavy hurt himself on a can of beans a few years ago.
  • Lake Elsinore Storm playing in Petco. Dykstra had his first hit today. Three guys made the All-Star team.
  • Blanks killing it with 102 RBIs. Nine the other night with two home runs?
  • Sandy doesn't know why Hairston played center and Gerut played right.  It's a question for Bud Black.
  • Gerut is arbitration eligible. Kevin Towers hasn't had contact with his agent.  Gerut will be a 4+ player.  The Pads have him for the next couple of years.
  • Bryan Corey and Banks were sent to AAA. Sandy says they need a weekend starter.  Somebody from Portland will be coming up.
  • Six or seven AAA players will be coming up with the roster expansion on 9/1.
  • Hayhurst was brought up so they didn't screw up the minor league rotation.  LeBlanc hasn't been 100%.  Hayhurst deserved a promotion at somepoint.  LeBlanc doesn't need to be put on the roster to protect him from the Rule 5 draft. Not to say he won't be brought up.
  • No priorities have been mapped out for the off-season.  Step one, phase one is to see who performs in September.
  • Tower's said "there's no point to bring Hoffman back if the team isn't in save situations".  Sandy thinks KT was just frustrated.
  • Sandy is working on the budgetary process, but hasn't made judgements on player payroll.
  • Petco Park should be ready for Replay on Friday.  Sandy thinks it will be but he's checked out of that process.  He doubts Replay will be utilized much here in Petco.