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Just reading some

Bill Center's latest article on SignOnSanDiego is chock full of information:

  • Hairston broke his thumb while diving for a ball.  Okay we're not positive he broke his thumb, but I'm going on the record and saying that it is indeed busted.  I'm not a doctor, but chances are neither are you.  Who are you going to trust?  Me or you?  Right. Maybe this is a good thing, now Gerut can start everyday.
  • Josh Banks and Bryan Corey were optioned to Portland.  Banks lost his control and Corey was just taken off the disabled list.  With Hairston soon to be on the disabled list, that leaves 3 open spots.
  • Young could be pitching early next week or mid-week or sometime in the future. 
  • Adrian Gonzalez has only missed three starts this year, but he has appeared in all 133 games.  Suck it Ripken!
  • Jake Peavy built a 78 acre lake on his land in Alabama.  That's a big f'n lake, I'm guessing he has more land than that too, unless he lives on a house boat, which would be cool.  Check this though, it used to be 4ft deep now with Hurricane Fay doin' her thang, the water depth has risen to 12 feet. "We have a couple streams that feed the lake, but man, that's a lot of water," Peavy said.


Beyond the Boxscore:


3: Straight wins, the Padres' longest winning streak since they won four straight July 25-28.


Clay Hensley: Allows two runs on three hits and a walk without getting an out, raising his ERA from 3.51 to 4.21.