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The History of Baseball: Part 1

The best part about baseball is its history and origins. Honestly if it wasn't for its storied history it'd just be a really boring game with one guy doing all the work and everybody else standing around spitting and adjusting themselves.  While learning about baseball's history I think I just solved one of the baseball's greatest mysteries. 

Back in the old timey times there was a game called Stool Ball.  

Stool ball as it was known, seems to be a direct precursor to our baseball and seems to have been popular with the younger folk. It has been suggested that it was used as an old day form of spin the bottle.

So what we can take from this is that there was a lot of kissing, touching and groping in old timey time baseball.

Now here's my theory, that has no real basis in fact, but it very well could.  Instead of bases I'm guessing Stool Ball had stools in their place.  It makes sense, stay with me. I'm not going too far out on a limb. 

First stool was a short stool.  So the lady base runner standing at first stool could kiss the taller gentleman rather easily as a reward for her athletic pursuit.

Now second stool, I'm guessing second stool was a little bit taller. Probably another foot or two.  This time the gentleman would be faced with the gentle lady's bosom.

Third stool was much more difficult to reach and was much taller.  This time the third stool man would be looking directly into the base runner's nether region.

Fourth Stool, or Home Stool as it was sometimes called, is where babies are made.  So many babies were born and raised on this game that its popularity grew exponentially resulting it becoming the most popular game in the nation.

That's why even today you'll hear teenagers talking about getting to first, second and third base on a date.

Go Padres!!