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A friendly reminder that you are allowed to be a prick, but not around us

Freedom of speech? HA!

Open forum? I don't think so.

Friendly banter? Only if we see it that way too.

In light of a recent, unfortunate occurance, I thought it appropriate to point out to everybody that the Gaslamp Ball comments section is a place for you to chat and discuss and ask and answer questions, but it's not and never will be an open forum. There are going to be many things that we don't advocate and some things, which we do. If you want clarification, you can always email me or jbox and we'd be happy to explain our reasoning, but sometimes there isn't a good explanation. We'll let barbs and jabs go, but there's a limit to everything.

Here's a good timeline of how we might react:

"That comment really made you look fat." (We'd let this go. It's funny in a non-sensical sort of way.)

"No. Seriously. You're fat." (This we're starting to wonder about.)

[In response to an unrelated comment] "That's fine and all, but you're fat" (In context with what happened before, this probably gets deleted)

"I know this has nothing to do with anything, but Gaslamp Baller XXXXX is a fat horse. We're all Padres fans and that fatty XXXXX should learn to develop a thick skin. We're all on the same side, but that fat horse oozes over to both sides " (And there's the Banleted. That's a combination of Ban and Deleted.)

If we call you out on it with a warning, don't whine. You expected somebody else to take it and now you're going to take it with a warning. If you don't like it, we've been told on numerous occassions that there are better Padres blogs and that the UT Forums are a good time, so make your way there.

99.99% of what we see looks fine to us and we love having you guys around, but jbox and I do this in our free time and for fun, so try to understand where we're coming from too. Thanks, yo.