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Open Thread: 8/16, Padres vs. Phillies

Dex and I are headed out to the game. I can't wait to get my give away backpack.

I don't know if you guys saw the Pregame Show yesterday but Sam the Cooking Guy is going to have Padres co-hosting and teaching how to cook their favorite food. Looks like it'll be a good time.

Chad Reineke is pitching for the Pads tonight. I swear I've never heard of him before. The game should be epic.

Go Padres!!

[Note by jbox, 08/16/08 6:20 PM PDT ] After a little research I find that Cla Meredith was optioned to the Beavers and Reineke was brought up. Still never heard of him.


Philadelphia Phillies @ San Diego Padres

08/16/08 7:05 PM PDT

Philadelphia Phillies San Diego Padres
Jimmy Rollins - SS Jody Gerut - CF
Jayson Werth - RF Tadahito Iguchi - 2B
Chase Utley - 2B Brian Giles - RF
Ryan Howard - 1B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Pat Burrell - LF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Shane Victorino - CF Chase Headley - LF
Greg Dobbs - 3B Nick Hundley - C
Chris Coste - C Sean Kazmar - SS
Kyle Kendrick - P Chad Reineke - P