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XX Sports Radio Interview: Sandy Alderson

XX Sports Radio Interview:  Sandy Alderson

When asked about why Season Ticket Holders should consider buying tickets again next season, Sandy said that people need to look at the last three or four years and not just this year.  He keeps repeating:

The sky is not falling

I find that quote to be a little condescending, like the fans and ticket holders are running around like Chicken Little.  Does he really think Padres fans are plagued by hysteria? It's not hard to tell how much respect he has for Padres fans, maybe it's because he only hears from people threatening not to renew their ticket packages.  People don't buy tickets to live in the past.  The Padres need to stop trying to promote the last 4 years and instead focus on the present and the future.  You can't rest on your laurels.

Sandy then discusses Tom Krasovic's article in the UT.

You know what bothered me most about this story


There is essentially no attribution to the source of the information.  It's an anonymous source, it's an unnamed scout, it's an unidentified player.  There's never any way to judge the basis of the information in a lot of these cases and that's what T's me off.  Somebody that is going to write a story that's that inflammatory you better give the readers an opportunity to evaluate that information based on what the sources are.


I don't think it's good journalism.

Well what would he do to an employee that said these things on the record?  He'd have him reprimanded, so they have to speak off the record.  If he allows his employees to speak freely then he wouldn't have this problem.

When Philly Billy tells him that many people give him information off the record, Sandy responds:

Then you need to get another source.  You need to get some corroboration.  Just don't throw something in the newspaper without a source. That's a journalistic standard that most people meet, otherwise you might as well be a blogger or somebody that isn't associated with traditional journalism that people are* going to take seriously.

*I think he meant to say "...that people aren't going to take seriously."

I just like how Sandy says the word "blogger" with such disdain.  If it was up to the front office, the fans wouldn't get any information at all that doesn't show the ball club in a positive light.  I also think San Diegans are smart enough to judge for themselves how seriously they want to take rumors and anonymous sources.

Hat tip to Gaslamp Baller Axion