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The Padres should employ streakers

Listen to the crowd erupt in cheers when these three teenagers take off their shirts and run out on the field during last night's game.

I think the Padres should employ streakers to run out there between innings.  They'd be more popular than the Pad Squad.  Hell, you could even dress the Pad Squad up in street clothes and make them do it.  Then you get to see your favorite Squadders take a beating from security, which is my dream.  The fans would love it and security would be able to practice their technique.  Have you ever heard fans so happy in all your life?  You can hear some guy giggling with delight as he watches one of them slide into home plate.  I love it that the other guy just gets too tired from evading security, so he touches third base then just collapses and lays down on the field.

I bet these guys really piss off Luke Yoder, head grounds crew guy.  Nobody is allowed on his grass.  The grounds crew is so annoying, more streakers less field maintenance! Get rid of the stupid dancing grounds crew rake guy and replace him with streakers!

Better Quality Video here.

Pictures after the jump...

[Note by jbox, 08/13/08 1:15 PM PDT ] Gaslamp Baller C8tlin took some pictures:





[Note by jbox, 08/13/08 1:18 PM PDT ] Another picture by Gaslamp Baller eastbaysd: