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Gaslamp Ball Community Project: Rate the Concession Stands

We're somewhat hit and miss when it comes to Community Projects here, but this is one that I'd really like to get going.

Rate the concessions!

I don't just mean review the food and which dogs are better. What I'm proposing is this: Whenever you buy concessions at Petco, make a mental or written note about the experience, and either email (dex at gaslamp ball dot com), comment here or in that game's Open Thread and we'll collect the data for all the world to see.

Here's a handy guide for what you might want to include:

Which food stand?
What organization was running it?
How long did you wait in line?
How long did it take to get your order?
How was the service?

And then any other comments you might have.

Together we can make a difference!