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Should the Moores family sell the Padres?

This article, "Will a major payroll reduction be on the table for next season?", has caused quite a stir around the internets. It all stems from rumors that John Moores is going to cut the Payroll in 2009 to $40 million due to his divorce from wife Becky.

Some how this rumor was hinted at to Brian Giles when Boston claimed him off of waivers. Somebody gave Giles a wink and a nudge and was like "take the deal, the Pads aren't going to pick up your option next year". Other players heard about this clandestine message and leaked it to the press.

It's hard to know what is going on right now. Moores has been absent all season and it's totally understandable that his business isn't at the forefront of his thoughts with his personal life presumeably in shambles.

Most San Diegans don't care about Moores problems they want him to spend and build a championship team again. Can he do it? Does he want to do it? Will he make it a priority?

Tony Gwynn called Moores the best owner in baseball and maybe at one point he was, but is it time for Moores to sell the team?