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Wouldn't it be nice if Adrian Gonzalez wasn't so nice?


I put this quote up earlier but it's really bothering me.  This is Adrian Gonzalez talking about wanting to be in the Home Run Derby.

"If you're from a smaller market, there aren't as many people who want to see you," he said. "They want to see the players from the bigger market. I'm OK with that. I'd love to be in it, but it's no big deal."

Even though Major League Baseball has an open space for him they just aren't sure they want him because nobody wants to see a quiet, meek, little mouse in the Home Run Derby.  Get loud!  Get cocky!  He's got the numbers to be considered but he doesn't have the attitude and he's proving it with his quote.  Maybe he should have said , "Golly gee, I'd like to be in your game Mr. Selig but if you don't want me then I understand I probably don't deserve such a great honor anyway, I just want to thank you for your consideration."

I used to like the humble Adrian Gonzalez, there aren't enough of these types of guys in baseball and when I met him he was extremely nice.  Off the field it's a great characteristic to have, but he needs to grow a pair! 

"You listen to me Selig, I've come to the Big Apple to take a bite and I've found that you're nothing but a little worm in my apple! I will crush you!  I will burn New York to the ground!  Have you seen my stats?  I destroy baseballs and you dare not invite me into your Home Run Derby? San Diego cannot contain my power!  I am a f'n Zeus, I'll shoot lightning out of my eyeballs and set you afire!"

Well, something like that.

At least Adrian will have his brother at the game to watch him...

Second baseman Edgar Gonzalez won't be at Yankee Stadium to watch his brother in the All-Star Game because he'd rather be with his wife. "It's her time. I'll watch Adrian on TV," Edgar said.


Are you kidding me?  Your brother makes the All-Star team and gets to play in Yankee Stadium one more time before it is turned into a parking lot and you've got do yard work, watch chick flicks that have nothing to do with baseball like For the Love of the Game and give her foot rubs?  All Star Break is not her time!  Her time is the off season!

What is with these Gonzalez brothers, they are far too nice.

Also changing the subject, if anybody affiliated with the Padres ever asks you if they should buy, sell or do nothing, you tell them to BUY!  Let them figure out the budget and let them find out where they are going to come up with the money.  That's their job not ours.  We want the best team possible on the field now, not in a few years. We need to keep the pressure on them, we are not giving up.  We need to be united on this.  As fans we always want to see the best and the best costs money, so spend!  I don't care if it puts Moores in the poor house.  Don't give them the easy way out and say "Well there's always next year", that's what a Gonzalez would say.