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Nominate Players for Gaslamp Ball's All Fictional All-Star Team

Okay I came up with this idea last night while watching the absolutely terrible movie For the Love the Game.  It was on cable and I'd never seen it so I thought I'd take it in.  I ended up fast forwarding through all the non-baseball related stuff, the dramatic pauses and most of the baseball related stuff.  The movie went by really quick.

Here's the idea, we are going to create the first All Fictional All-Star team in time for the real All-Star game.  What we need you to do is nominate fictional characters for each position and then vote on said nominations in later polls.  We will not be accepting nominations of cartoon or comic characters, such as Charlie Brown, etc.

So I'll start with some nominations, but please nominate your own.  If you like another readers nomination, then please recommend it.  When you nominate please link the character name in case others don't know them.


Pitchers: Billy Chapel, Ebby Calvin 'Nuke' LaLooshPitcher Youngberry, Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn, Prof. Vernon K. Simpson, Amanda Whurlitzer, Steve Nebraska, Henry Rowengartner, Jack 'Deuce' Cooper, Mel Clark, Miles Pennfield II, Ryan Dunne

Catchers: Crash Davis, Gus Sinski, Dottie Hinson, Jake Taylor, Hamilton 'Ham' Porter, Bruce Pearson

First Base: Clue Haywood, Lou Collins, Jack Elliot

Second Base: Marla Hooch

Third Base: Doris Murphy, Ed, Roger Dorn

Short Stop: Tanner Boyle

Outfield: Roy Hobbs, Willie Mays Hayes, Stan Ross, Bartholomew 'Bump' Bailey, Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, Kelly Leak, Bobby Rayburn, Max 'Hammer' Dubois

Coaches: Pop Fisher, Red Blow, Jimmy Dugan, Jackie Robinson 'J.R.' Cooper, Coach Morris Buttermaker, Ron Stilanovich, Uchiyama, Lou Brown

Groupies: Annie Savoy, Millie, Lynn Wells, Jane AubreyHarriet Bird, Memo Paris, Tenley Parrish