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Open Thread: 7/6, San Diego vs. Snakes

With Josh Banks pitching against Randy Johnson you can pretty much consider the sweep complete. It must suck being beat by the Padres, that's gotta do a real number on D-Backs, especially with the Dodgers getting way too close to their butts.

Go Padres!!


San Diego Padres @ Arizona Diamondbacks

07/06/08 1:10 PM PDT

San Diego Padres Arizona Diamondbacks
Scott Hairston - CF Chris Young - CF
Edgar Gonzalez - RF Stephen Drew - SS
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Orlando Hudson - 2B
Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B Conor Jackson - LF
Chase Headley - LF Chad Tracy - 1B
Khalil Greene - SS Mark Reynolds - 3B
Luis Rodriguez - 2B Justin Upton - RF
Nick Hundley - C Robby Hammock - C
Josh Banks - P Randy Johnson - P