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Padres trade Khalil Greene for dented Storage Chest

Greene's left hand is fractured:

As the Padres feared, shortstop Khalil Greene fractured his left hand on Wednesday night when he slammed a storage chest at Petco Park in frustration over his season-long slump.

You see, this is what happens.  This is what happens when you hold all of your emotions inside this long.  They just spill out in the form of storage chest violence.  If you told me that this would happen at the beginning of the season I wouldn't have believed you.  It's like the neighbors of serial killers, they always seem like nice gentlemen that are just simply quiet and keep to themselves.

As a Major League Ball Club, I think I'd have a punching bag room adjacent to the dugout.  Either that or have a room full of cheap crystal glasses, tea cups and malfunctioning printers so that a player can go in there and vent.  Line the room with rubber so those guys can't get hurt.

In any case Khalil is likely out for the year.