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Dodgers get Manny Ramirez. Padres lose Greene and maintain Maddux.

I was really hoping that the Padres would somehow get Manny Ramirez. I knew it wasn't going to happen and I knew that it would make no sense, but I really like that guy. He'd be the kind of guy I'd go to the ballpark to watch play every night. Instead, the Dodgers get Manny and it bums me out. The season was done a long time ago, but it's sad to get that last nail in the coffin.

I was also really hoping that Khalil Greene wouldn't return to his scientific calculator days, but unfortunately, it looks like he has. That's a "busting digits" joke.

I'm glad Maddux is still around, but I know he won't be around for long. What a bummer of a day to be a Padres fan.