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Petco Park named #4 most vegetarian friendly ballpark by PETA

PETA's 2008  Top 10 Vegetarian Ballparks:

PETCO Park (San Diego Padres)
No one knows when a freak injury is going to happen—just ask Padres catcher Michael Barrett, who broke his nose when he fouled a 95 mph fastball into his face. But Padres fans can prevent more common ailments, like heart disease, various types of cancer, and obesity, by ditching meat and enjoying some delicious, healthy vegetarian options instead. The park's meat-free menu items include vegetarian sushi rolls, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, fruit salad, roasted-tomato hummus with pita chips, roasted corn, fruit cups, smoothies, and a delicious array of salads.

Remember when PETA put a "boycott petco" subliminal message in one of the bricks.  Don't think that they are cool with Petco the company, just because they praise Petco the ballpark.

Although PETA has serious issues with PETCO, PETA loves the Padres and their stadium for providing healthy, humane fare to fans in "America's Finest City."

It's interesting that this was announced because I honestly thought about becoming a vegetarian after eating Petco's Hot Dogs.  I was going to order a vegetarian hot dog the other night while they were a dollar, but the line was already so long and the service so slow that I thought it would just slow down the line even more.  I didn't want to upset people behind me with this special order.  I'd really like to try one though.

San Diegan's have to be happy about the way the Petco has attempted to give fans so many options.

A top ten list like this making people aware of vegetarian options is a great way for PETA to promote their message.  We here at Gaslamp Ball feel that PETA's message is largely lost in the stunts and celebrity endorsements.  We're happy to see them taking this much more effective route and also crediting our city's ballpark.