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I can barely contain myself with all the trading flying around

Paul DePodesta has a post up about the trading deadliny frenzy.

What makes the last 24 hours an emotional rollercoaster is that virtually every team has multiple balls in the air, and many times one deal is contingent about another deal (or even a couple of other deals) coming to fruition. Teams' interests or needs can change within the hour, so we can go from being incredibly excited, to distraught, to working vigorously on another deal all within about 20 minutes.

It sounds exciting... for "virtually" every team out there. I can just picture the phones ringing off the hook. Every other one, a current Padres player wondering excitedly if they've been moved to a contender. The rest, fans complaining about the lines at concessions. Front office employees yelling to each other from across their desks.

"I just talked to Cashman! They don't want anybody that we have! I offered him everything!"

"Tell the UT that people are interested in Thatcher! It'll look like we're working!"

"Buy! Sell!"

"I just got offered a bag of maple bats! What do I do!? What do I do!?"