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Should the Padres trade Maddux?

In an effort to save money the Padres are shopping Greg Maddux. He has a full no trade clause and he's only willing to be traded to a West Coast team, which pretty much leaves us with the Dodgers as trading partners.

My opinion on this is that Maddux makes this team better and I'm not going to be in favor of any trade that is going to make this team worse than it already is. If they need more money to sign talent then they need to come up with it elsewhere, like raising the price of those disgusting dollar hot dogs they sell.

We have no assurance that the money saved on Maddux is going to make any difference on the field and will make this season even harder to watch with him gone. I just hope Maddux nixes any trade the Padres come up with because I want to see him pitch as Padre.