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Open Thread: First Time Commenters ONLY!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Let's see if we can meet some new friends today.  No game, so let's have an open thread just for first time commentors.  This will be our third time trying this and each time it starts slow but new folks and lurkers drop by which is cool.  You can just say hi or give an opinion on the Padres... whatever you like.

Hello new Gaslamp Ballers.  Who's going to be brave and start us off?

[Note by jbox, 07/03/08 1:46 PM PDT ] Wow some of you long time commentors are terrible at following instructions.  First time commentors only!  Welcome EllieK.

[Note by jbox, 07/03/08 2:41 PM PDT ] Okay, apparently some of you aren't sure if you are first time commentors.  If click on your user profile (upper left hand corner), it tells you how many comments you've made on Gaslamp Ball.  You're looking for it to say 0.  So if it says over 100, that's not really going to cut it.  There will be plenty of open threads for the rest of you, that are open to everyone.  We're just trying to give the new people a forum to say something.

[Note by jbox, 07/03/08 6:10 PM PDT ] This thread is now open to all!