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So Matt Bush likes to fight. Fire Kevin Towers?

I was looking all over Facebook and MySpace for Matt Bush's profile page. I wish the Padres would've drafted somebody else instead of Matt Bush. Not necessarily because I don't want Matt Bush on the team per se, but rather because I like guys who are easy to find on things like Facebook and MySpace.

I was reading through the comments after the UT article about the Matt Bush fight, and it seemed to be a ton of people looking to fire KT because of the Matt Bush draft. I don't get that. What does KT have to do with anything when it comes to Matt Bush getting into fights in bars? Sure, drafting Bush because we were worried about overpaying for the first pick was a lame situation, but it's not like it was all KT's fault.

When some people get drunk, they sleep with dirtbags who don't remember their names in the morning. When other people get drunk, they look at their friends really accusatory and berate them for not making a meaningful commitment with their girlfriends of 4 years.

When Matt Bush gets drunk, he tries to kick your ass.

For that, we should fire Kevin Towers? Let he who is without two embarrassing drunken episodes cast the first stone!