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Open Thread: Ballpark Baggin'

It's that time of year again, ballpark baggers. Midseason ballpark bag updates. Anybody add any ballparks to their bag? Anybody got some parks planned with a little less than half a baseball season left? I got to add New Busch and Mile High in the MLB category and Raley Field to the MiLB category.

What with Brooks getting the promotion, I'm hoping to add at least Oakland and Anaheim (which I've amazingly missed so far) before the year is through.

My current bag after the jump.

Dodger Stadium
Telephone Park S.F.
Mile HIgh
(yay for finishing the NL West!)

Yankee Stadium
Fenway Park
Wrigley Field
Jacob's Field
New Busch

Minor League:
Wahconah Park in Pittsfield, MA
Dell Diamond in Round Rock, TX
LeLacheur Park in Lowell, MA
C.O. Brown Stadium in Battlecreek, MI
Raley Field in Sacramento, CA

Knight's Stadium in Fort Mill, SC
College Ball:
Tony Gwynn Stadium
Packard Stadium at ASU
Cal State Fullerton