Great American Ballpark

Great American Ballpark:  San Diego vs. Cincinnati

Great American Ballpark Pictures

Not an overly exciting ballpark as far as I’m concerned…  looked a bit too plastic and Disneyland for my tastes and so – much – red;  I thought I was getting vertigo at one point!

I tried me a Skyline chilidog and gave the other one away.  I am told if you walk 7 blocks down to their restaurant they will serve you that fabulous chili (with chocolate and cinnamon) over spaghetti noodles.  Not sure why… 

Down to the nitty-gritty.  I haven’t seen the Padres play live (or even on tv) for some time now.  Congratulations WG.  You are doing a fabulous job!  It’s not enough we can’t back up our poor, poor Maddog but we made several clumsy errors, the highlight of course being that pick-off between 2nd and 3rd.  We weren’t even trying, even before Khalil dropped the ball.

To top it off, as we were in PR country, I had a box in a pool that would win me first prize if the score ended up being 4-9.  At the top of the eighth we scored a run making my numbers a BINGO! 

We held the Reds in the bottom half of the inning and now to the ninth… which left me that debilitating decision all Fantasy Team owners are at some point faced with; do I root for them to win or for my cash?!  

Coffey loads the bases, E-Gon is up.  Even a slam still loses us the game and I don’t get my money.  He strikes him out and Cordero takes over on the mound. 

The entire stadium is rooting for his retirement long before he walks in the 5th Padre run and even after he gets Hairy. 

 Lose, Lose for me...

 I called the Valentino HR off Maddux and a 6 run inning off of Thatcher; should have bet on that instead!


 I saw Wes and Wonko, who looked thoroughly unenthusiastic to see a fellow GLB-er.  Either my flies were undone (AGAIN – sorry ‘bout that) or they had just been caught on the "kiss cam" and didn’t realize I had missed it!

 It’s going to be a horribly long ride to Pittsburgh…

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