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Open Thread, 7/20: Padres vs Internal Demons

Such a weird start time these Ozark mountain people use.

Oh. And Brooks got called up! HOORAY! I can totally get us an interview with that guy.



San Diego Padres @ St. Louis Cardinals

07/20/08 11:15 AM PDT

San Diego Padres St. Louis Cardinals

Scott Hairston - CF

Skip Schumaker - LF

Edgar Gonzalez - 2B

Aaron Miles - SS

Brian Giles - RF

Ryan Ludwick - RF

Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B

Rick Ankiel - CF

Chase Headley - LF

Troy Glaus - 3B

Brian Myrow - 1B

Chris Duncan - 1B

Nick Hundley - C

Jason LaRue - C

Luis Rodriguez - SS

Jaime Garcia - P

Cha Seung Baek - P

Adam Kennedy - 2B